Botanics Florist of Melbourne Direct2florist

One of the most beautiful professional florist shops that you’ll see anywhere in the world is Botanics, a Direct2florist member in Melbourne. The store, which opened for business in 2012, is a magical place packed full of fresh blooms and incredibly creative floral arrangements – designs that have already earned the shop a reputation for being one of the best in the business (helped by the fact that the Botanics team were winners at the prestigious Melbourne Flower & Garden Show).

Leading the way

Each and every arrangement is a work of art made using the freshest possible flowers. The typical day for the Botanics team starts with a 3am visit to the Melbourne Flower Market where flowers are sourced daily. The number one passion at Botanics is the use of fresh flowers complemented through the use of unique vessels and botanical matter of all sorts. “We are bringing true design back to the flower world and love leading the way,” the shop tells us. “We are always on the hunt for the strange and unusual.”

Botanics has built a reputation for doing the complete styling for huge corporate events and weddings. “Our point of difference seems to be our creation of huge structures, arbours, flower walls and hanging installations,” the team says. “This creativity transcends into everything we do, including delivering Direct2florist orders.”

Same day delivery in Melbourne

If you’re looking to send flowers to Melbourne, Botanics is there to help. The business delivers all over Melbourne and rural Victoria and same day delivery is no problem at all. The shop is ideally located just one block away from The Alfred Hospital and just minutes away from Melbourne’s central business district.

The team concludes by telling us: “To spend our lives creatively expressing our true selves and looking for ways to positively impact the lives of those around us, there can be no greater joy. “Most of all we love the relationships we've built with suppliers and clients. A lot of them have now become lifelong friends and huge supporters of us and our business.”

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