About Direct2florist

About Direct2florist

The crusade to look after the flower buying public of Australia

The business of sending flowers is a surprisingly murky world full of secret commission and a serious lack of consumer control – except when sending flowers through Direct2florist that is.

A family-owned and operated firm set up in February 2007 by florists – we ran a number of shops in England – the idea was to give customers value for money, a transparent way of doing business, and direct connection with professional florist shops, wherever in the world you want to have your flowers delivered.

We were fed up of having commission pulled out of orders placed through the likes of Interflora, eflorist and Flowers Direct, with customers unaware that it was happening. So, in a crusade to give flower senders value for money, we set up florist2florist, a network of like-minded independent florists who could send orders to each other delivery in the UK, without the customer losing any of their order value.

With florists receiving all of the money from an order and therefore delivering bigger, better floral designs for customers, unsurprisingly the business grew, and so did the demand from customers for a website that allowed orders to be placed online, directly with the shop that would be delivering the flowers. Happy to oblige, we set up Direct2florist, which continues to grow rapidly, with 3,500 florists in 14 countries all working to the Direct2florist philosophy of offering:

  • Top value with no ugly commission taken, ensuring 100% of the flower value of an order goes to the delivering florist.

  • Enough customer control to be able to select a particular shop based personalised information, individual products and prices, photos of the shop and floral designs and real customer reviews.

  • The opportunity to deal direct with a real florist, at a time and place that suits you, over the Internet.

  • The promise that the only fee paid to Direct2florist is the transmission fee, which is a contribution to website operation and promotion.

Direct2florist has revolutionised the way flower senders in Australia can order floral gifts thanks to an approach that puts customers first. That’s why we continue to grow rapidly.

Star ratings from customers

Customers are hugely important to your chosen florist and our star rating system ensures that the florist will do everything possible to keep your goodwill. After every order you will be asked to rate your chosen florist out of five, with the option to add a comment too. With the rating and review made public, it’s in the interest of the florist to make sure every order is spot on every time. After all, one bad order can harm a reputation.

Direct2florist’s alternative approach

Unlike other “floral order gathering” services and organisations where the same prices are set for florists wherever they are in a country, without local supply price fluctuations and cost of delivery being taken into account, Direct2florist allows florists to set their own prices, ensuring better value for money and lower prices from the get-go.

To make matters even better, here at Direct2Florist we don’t believe it’s right to take a commission, unlike our rivals, where as much as 40% of the money paid by a flower buyer goes to the shop delivering the flowers after a commission is taken out. It’s easy to see how Direct2florist is so confident that it offers unbeatable value for consumers.